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Ambulo Imaginationus

"Walking the Halls of Imagination"

The Dragon Bard's Oath

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About the Dragon Bard

Salutations, fellow seeker of the arcane! Enter, wanderer, into the cyber sanctuary of the Dragon Bard. While the tapestry of life identifies me as Maxwell Alexander Drake, to my cherished allies and confidantes, I'm known simply as Drake. It would bring me great honor to include you as one of them.

Across two decades of toil and artistry, I've garnered acclaim by weaving narratives for such industry titans as Sony's EverQuest Next and Catalyst Game Lab's Shadowrun. And in the near future, my sagas shall grace the hallowed grounds of the Harnworld RPG realm. My journey has intertwined with legends in this industry, including the distinguished scribes Ed Greenwood, Michael A. Stackpole, Timothy Zahn, Aaron Allston, and other fine weavers of the written word. I've also had the honor of collaborating with illustrious visual artisans, among them Larry Elmore, Lars Grant-West, Jason Engle, Cyril Vander Haegen, and a myriad of other amazing illustrators.

Furthermore, I've been graced with the humbling opportunity to impart my wisdom on the art of creative writing to audiences spanning the globe. As examples; domestically, I proudly bear the singular honor of being the sole author invited to grace the halls of San Diego Comic Con for an unparalleled streak of 16 years starting in 2008. Internationally, etched in my heart is the indelible memory of being the solitary wordsmith bestowed with the privilege of being invited to the inaugural Saudi Arabia Comic Con in 2017.

My mission with Starving Writer Studio is to build a direct connection between the creator's heart and the soul of those seeking fulfillment. In this new digital landscape we find ourselves in, why should there be a cartel between you and I? What purpose do they now serve, apart from enriching themselves at the expense of my hard work? None, I say.

My hope is that you've ventured here, noble adventurer, lured by the treasures I've crafted. If so, I beseech you, do not feed an industry that's lost its reverence for your heart’s passions! Instead, bestow your endorsement upon the one who genuinely cares about your desires.

Here, you'll discover everything you need to support my endeavors, enabling my pen to weave countless more mesmerizing tales. I invite you to peruse the offerings in my Scriptorium. I assure you, the couriers I employ are as reliable as those of the behemoth known as Amazon. And fear not, in doing so, King Bezos' coffers shan't run dry without my paltry contributions.

If you're interested in learning more about my journey and future plans, please use the portal below to continue this discussion.


July 2024

Genesis Of Oblivion:
Arcanum One (Director's Cut)

Starving Writer Studio rekindles the fires of legend.

Behold the triumphant return of Maxwell Alexander Drake's celebrated and revered epic fantasy odyssey. After battles with several health challenges, Drake emerges like a Phoenix risen.


Uncover the tormented history, scribed by the Dragon Bard himself, and learn of the arduous journey this saga has undertaken to find renewal.


How fiercely burns your loyalty to our shared cause?

Become a Patron

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Amidst the boundless realms of stories and fates, even the Dragon Bard can be ensnared by Hunger's shadow.

Your patronage stands as a radiant beacon. For but the cost of a goblet of Elvish wine, you can ensure the continuation of the Bard's quest.


Fear not, for your benevolence falls not upon barren ground.  As a member of Cultus Draco you'll lay claim to seasonal relics, exclusive treasures, and early access to the unfolding prophecies that flow from the Dragon Bard's quill, bestowed only upon the most devoted.

Pledge yourself to Cultus Draco and join the Bard on this magnificent adventure. You shall not be disappointed.


Behold! The Next Exclusive Story Only for Patrons

Shadows of Future’s Past

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