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How fiercely burns your loyalty to our sacred cause?


For my own honor and dignity, I took a solemn oath never to beg coin so I could seek a vocation shadowed by the specter of near-certain ruin. Thus, the path of, while so popular with so many, remains untrodden by my feet.

Despite these echoing doubts, my council bade me listen to their wisdom. They beseeched me to understand how, as an acolyte of Cultus Draco, riches beyond mere feel-good tingles could await my followers.

Certainly, they argued the value of glimpsing my creations as they are being birthed, as well as tales I could craft solely for the devotees’ eyes. They touted how followers would delight in taking private audiences with me, and the significance of them being able to bend my ear with their own council and advice.

Yet were that the sum of it, my honor would remain tarnished.

When their keen minds presented the idea of quarterly Loyalty Rewards, however, my imagination exploded with the possibilities. Only then did their ministrations capture my attention.

Three tiers of devotion, they proclaimed, each with their own trove of treasures. The rewards to be bestowed would be vast and varied: unique landscapes for digital desktops, physical artistry delivered to devotees’ abodes, the palpable allure of a Cultus Draco challenge coin being produced and distributed. Arrays of collector’s pins, bookmarks, decals, and so much more.

The sole limitation now rests on the number who answer this summons. In the early days of the formation of Cultus Draco, our aspirations will be narrowed through no fault of our own. Ponder the challenge coin I touched upon. To guarantee its exclusive run requires a sum of $1,500 to be withdrawn from my coffers. Until the time when our ranks swell with devotees, that becomes an impractical dream.

Nonetheless, even at the beginning when our treasury is minuscule, my dedication shall be unwavering in gifting all members rarities unavailable to any not in the fold. I vow here and now to curate distinct curiosities with which to reward those who are so generous and giving as to become a patron.

So, what says you? Will you heed the dragon's call and pledge support to Cultus Draco?

Seal a Covenant Below to Access

Exclusive, Members Only Content

  • Pilgrim

    Every month
    Pilgrims are not mere wanderers; they are the threads in a grand tapestry that spans eons.
    • Early access to some Work in Progress
    • Ability to give Comments and Feedback
    • Monthly Zoom Discussions
    • 3-Month Pilgrim Loyalty Reward
    • 6-Month Pilgrim Loyalty Reward
    • 9-Month Pilgrim Loyalty Reward
    • 12-Month Pilgrim Loyalty Reward
  • Prophet

    Every month
    As a Prophet, you'll pierce the veil between realms, viewing wonders most can only dream of.
    • Early access to some Work in Progress
    • Ability to give Comments and Feedback
    • Monthly Zoom Discussions
    • 3-Month Prophet Loyalty Reward
    • 6-Month Prophet Loyalty Reward
    • 9-Month Prophet Loyalty Reward
    • 12-Month Prophet Loyalty Reward
  • Oracle

    Every month
    As Oracle you wield foresight, shape futures, and are Drake's guiding star.
    • Early access to some Work in Progress
    • Ability to give Comments and Feedback
    • Monthly Zoom Discussions
    • 3-Month Oracle Loyalty Reward
    • 6-Month Oracle Loyalty Reward
    • 9-Month Oracle Loyalty Reward
    • 12-Month Oracle Loyalty Reward
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