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On the first Tuesday of every month, award-winning novelist and former Lead Fiction Writer for Sony’s EverQuest Next invites you to join him in an open Zoom session. During this two-hour online video discussion, Drake will answer questions, give insights into the process of story creation, and perhaps even teach about a writing topic or two.

Drake has taught over a hundred thousand students so far and he's sharing some tips live on his next zoom.

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"Summer Writing Plan"
Zoom for 2 Hours with Drake Tuesday, April 4th, at 5:30p Pacific Time / 8:30p Eastern

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After discovering the plot of an evil wizard to kill the royal family and take over the Kingdom, Snurse, a Fizbear, is magically teleported across the land to a dark and dangerous place knows as the Deadly Forest. There he befriends an adventurous Bramble Wolf named Pont and together they must brave the dangers of the Deadly Forest, the Mountains of Fire, and the haunted Bone Dust Desert in a desperate attempt to return home and warn those Snurse loves. Along the way they must battle Forest Dragons, Lava Goblins, and Shadow Monsters, all while learning the true history of magic and how it has shaped this world.


The Realm is something that’s never been done before. It's not only massively epic in scope, it’s going to be published at an unbelievably fast pace—a new novel every three months for five years! We can do this because, one, there are four amazing writers working in tandem. And two, we’ve been writing on this saga since 2019! With the first novel dropping in 2023! That means we will have a bunch of novels already written way ahead of the release.


With Farmers & Mercenaries, fans of the fantasy genre have another group of characters to get to know and love. I can’t wait for the next in the series.”

- Las Vegas Review Journal

“…by the end I was mesmerized so that I could not put it down till I had finished it. Drake does a good job developing the characters and melding theirs paths throughout the book. The ending was a good set up for book two so I can hardly wait to see how the story continues.”

- Paper Dragon Ink

“The deeper you read, the more drawn into the story and characters you will become. I am looking forward to more books by Maxwell Alexander Drake and imagined Enterprises, Inc.”

- Fantasy Book Reviewer, Examiner.com

About Drake

Maxwell Alexander Drake, or Drake as he prefers to be called, is an award-winning Science Fiction/Fantasy Novelist, Playwright, Tie-In Writer, Graphic Novelist, and Writing Instructor. He is best known for his fantasy series, The Genesis of Oblivion Saga, as well as being the Lead Fiction Writer for Sony’s EverQuest Next Massive Online Video Game.

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