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Welcome to the fantastical world of the Realm of the Dying Sun, an epic fantasy saga like no other. In the mysterious land known as the Great Myst, Latimus A'theed, an ambitious elf with dreams of becoming a ranger, is sent north to investigate some dark rumors about possible goings on in that region.



Paired with his seasoned mentor, the stern Elf Aerous, and their jovial companion, an O'gree named Talbit, they embark on a quest to unravel a chilling mystery of the remote farming region's disappearing inhabitants.


Their investigation quickly takes a dark turn when they come face-to-face with an horrific, menacing force lurking within the foggy depths of the Great Myst. With survival hanging by a thread, hope seems lost. Yet, in the darkest corners of fear and uncertainty, an unlikely ally appears.


A creature shrouded in enigma and myth - a Dragonkin. Will this cryptic being tip the scales of survival in their favor? Or is it merely a harbinger of their impending doom?


Embark on a journey where mystery and suspense meet unimaginable horrors. Where destinies intertwine, and the boundaries of courage are tested.


Dive into this tale of peril and discover the fate of Latimus and his unlikely companions in the first riveting novella of the Realm of the Dying Sun saga.

Son of the Empire (Novella One)

SKU: 1-42-9
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