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Snurse, A Magical, Magical Fairytale was originally a full-length animated kid’s movie written by award-winning novelist and former Lead Fiction Writer of Sony’s massive online videogame EverQuest Next, Maxwell Alexander Drake.


With over 50 added pages of prose, this version is an edited script, enhanced to make it readable and enjoyable by those who have never read a movie script. It still looks like a movie script to the untrained eye, but scripts are incredibly dry to read. Thanks to Drake's additions, this version is a wonderful read for all ages.


Snurse is a fantasy adventure filled with wonderful life lessons and themes about believing in yourself, friendship & family, what defines a hero, and overcoming obstacles. It also has what Drake called his favorite character he's ever written, in the form of a snarky Bramblewolf named Pont. And we agree, she is a terrific character.




After discovering the plot of an evil wizard to kill the royal family and take over the Kingdom, Snurse, a Fizbear, is magically teleported across the land to a dark and dangerous place knows as the Deadly Forest. There he befriends an adventurous Bramblewolf named Pont and together they must brave the dangers of the Deadly Forest, the Mountains of Fire, and the haunted Bone Dust Desert in a desperate attempt to return home and warn those Snurse loves. Along the way they battle Forest Dragons, Lava Goblins, and Shadow Monsters, while learning the true history of magic and how it has shaped this world.

Snurse, a Magical, Magical Fairytale

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