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Regardless of whether you are ready to return to the realm of Talic Nauth, or are you treading these hallowed grounds for the first time, discover why this saga has been winning awards for over a decade now.


Completely rewritten, with expanded and even brand-new chapters, this tale is guaranteed to have you enthralled on every page.


This is not, unfortunately, the entire novel. The full version will not be out until the end of 2024 (you can pre-order your copy here), and yet, this is still worthy of being called a novel all on its own.


At 250 pages and nearly 70,000 words in length, these first 15 chapters not only introduce you to the world of Talic Nauth but also to the main characters whose lives shall become forever changed by this epic adventure.


For comparison, in the original version of this novel, all 68 chapters, was just 382 pages. it was 136,000 words in length. The rewritten novel is now just under 250,000 words long!


You can also get the Digial Copy of this for Free here!


"Drake's a storyteller that comes along just once in a lifetime. He's the perfect blend of the old school writer whose heroes are heroic, villains are villainous, and everyone must suffer and sacrifice to achieve their goals. But he's also the best of the new writers, immersive, descriptive, with prose that drips with emotion. It doesn't get any better than Drake." - Fanatic Follower of the Dragon Bard

Genesis of Oblivion Saga (Special Advanced Preview)

SKU: AdvancedPreview
Pre-Order Only. Book will start shipping after August 10th (when we return from GenCon)
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