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The genesis of Genesis. A scant few of these original versions remain within our treasure vault. If you desire to venture into the original realm, do so before they become lost in time. (Beware and be forewarned, traveler. The rewrite shifted much in this tale, and the epic shall grow those pages, not this ancient rendition. It's worth mentioning that this is the Advanced Reader version; its prose had yet to be meticulously honed.)


2009 Moonbeam Young Adult Fantasy Award Winner for Excellence in Literature.


Named Dragon Roots Magazine's Best New Fantasy Saga of 2009.


In the aftermath of the cataclysmic War of Power, the Goddess of Wisdom, Saphanthia, lies imprisoned, her divinity a hidden piece in a game that will decide the fate of the world. Nearly fifteen centuries later, the absence of the Twelve Gods of Man has birthed a new world order, their legends now whispered myths that form a religion that encompasses the four corners of Talic'Nauth.


Enter Clytus Rillion, seasoned mercenary captain and heartbroken father, embroiled in a clandestine war that's spanned millennia. With his son succumbing to an fatal affliction, he sets out on a perilous quest for the only cure. But when his secret war darkens his doorstep, loyalty and honor clash in a devastating choice.


Meet Arderi Cor, a young farm boy with dreams of a more adventurous life. When fate ruins his plans, he escapes his mundane life to join Clytus's mercenary troop. As circumstance pushes him to an irrevocable crossroads, Arderi must confront his own inner demons and decide the man he will become.


Across the seas, Malant Cor, Arderi’s prodigiously gifted brother, earns his place among the elite magic Shapers, the Elmor’Antiens. But paradise harbors venomous secrets. A deadly love will force him to weigh the cost of his own life against the soul he cherishes.


Discover Klain, the lionman slave turned freedom fighter, battling not just his captors, but the prejudice that seeks to chain him. And Elith, an ancient killer raised by religious zealots, as she teeters between blind obedience and the awakening of her long-dormant moral compass.


Journey through a realm where magic has awakened, flooding the land with untamed power. Kingdoms prosper, but ancient races with buried grudges eye their thrones, ready to reclaim their supremacy.


"Genesis of Oblivion" unveils a tapestry of intertwined destinies, a world teeming with complex characters, labyrinthine politics, and centuries-old secrets. In this epic tale, alliances will be forged, loves will be lost, and the world of Talic'Nauth will be changed forever. Step into a narrative as compelling as it is rich, where every character is the hero of their own tale, yet a pawn in a much grander scheme.


Brace yourself for a saga that defies the limits of fate and tests the boundaries of destiny. Are you ready?

Farmers & Mercenaries (Hardback-Original)

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