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Beneath the granite heart of Mount Irzen lies Kiraz, a dwarven city rich with history and tradition.
But when monstrous invaders shatter the peace, the fate of Kiraz hangs in the balance.

Einar of Clan Demelak and his friends, the Firebrands, are left behind as King Bazanthar and the able-bodied men embark on a critical hunting expedition. Under the stern guidance of Battlefather Kalzhadan, they train rigorously, preparing for threats that once seemed distant.

The nightmare becomes reality as an unstoppable horde breaches Kiraz's defenses. Einar and the Firebrands must stand firm against the onslaught, their brotherhood tested to its limits. With each clash of steel and cry of defiance, they fight not only for their survival but for the very soul of their city.

Maxwell Alexander Drake crafts a compelling tale of heroism and sacrifice, where young warriors confront the horrors of war and the weight of their legacy. Immerse yourself in The Carnage of Kiraz and experience a world where bravery is forged in the crucible of battle, and the spirit of a people is illuminated by the darkest of times.

Carnage of Kiraz (Novella)

SKU: 2900-8
Expected to ship end of July, beginning of August
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