Mortals & Deities (Genesis of Oblivion Saga, Book 2 Original Edition)

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Thrust into an Essence Node by what he thought were his benevolent teachers, Alant Cor has transcended the bonds of reality to become the first Mah'Sukai to walk the Plane of Talic'Nauth in thousands of years. Now, he must not only learn to deal with his new powers before they overwhelm and destroy him, he must also escape the wrath of those who hunt him. Alant's brother, Arderi Cor, has joined the ranks of the mysterious Tat'Sujen Order. He is elated with the newfound powers this secret order has awakened within him. Apprehension grips him, however, by the task they set before him - kill a newly discovered Mah'Sukai before this person gains mastery of their powers. These two brothers find themselves on the opposite side of a forgotten war whose beginning is lost in time. One brother is bent on survival, while the other follows Tat'Sujen orders, thinking he must, to save all he holds dear. Both are set on a collision course with fate. Unbeknownst to the brothers, a strange, gray-skinned girl named Elith also travels this fateful course. Raised from birth for one purpose - to capture a Mah'Sukai should one return to the Plane of Talic'Nauth. Elith's master, known only as the Revered Father, desires this new Mah'Sukai to further his own gains. Yet, turmoil boils within her. Is this her true purpose? Is she really the only member of her race in this world of Humans? If so, why does she doubt everything she has been taught by the priests? Klain, the beast, seeks his place as a free being in the world of Humans. It is a life he has never known. Yet, is he truly free? Or, is he just another pawn in a larger, more sinister game? As the magical race of the Elmorr'Antiens reaches out to manipulate the other inhabitants of Talic'Nauth, an even greater power pulls their strings from the shadows. A force, forgotten and unknown to the inhabitants of the Plane, exerts its power to control all the players. How will this power shape the events that unfold as these hapless adventurers spiral toward an inevitable meeting?

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