Storytelling is storytelling, and a well written TV episode or Movie can stir just as much in the audience as a good novel. Actually… scratch that. The book is ALWAYS better!

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Fiend folly
When all the heroes all killed in an epic battle verse evil, a band of hapless monsters accidentally save the world.

After every hero in the world is killed in an epic battle against evil, a group of monsters “accidentally” decide to fill the void left behind. A unintelligible and unnamed Orc, an ambiguously gay Excalibur, an insane woman known only as the Human Monster, the crotchety spell-slinging Imp Fire Flyntfjorge, and a street-tough dark elf Drezzd Do’Urnot (No, not that one. That’s his cousin.) pick up the torch of justice in an attempt to save the world. Or, perhaps use that torch to burn the world down. Still not 100% sure which way this one will go…

"In the real   world magic    just don’t   work that   way." – Drake
"They're not heroes…  They're not villains…  They are GUARDS!"   – Drake

It’s a gate, ain’t it? Gates gotta be guarded, right?

The secret life of tertiary characters in an action-packed fantasy adventure story is one of the greatest undiscovered mysteries of modern times. Well, no longer, friends. GUARDS! delves into this strange and often misunderstood world, following two tertiary characters, an old guard and a young, as they stive to remain unnoticed by “the Writer”. For when the Writer notices a tertiary character, it’s to use them as a “lesson” for the protagonist — something that can be fatal for the poor tertiary character.

A feature-length animated fantasy adventure by Maxwell Alexander Drake

After discovering the plot of an evil wizard to kill the royal family and take over the Kingdom, Snurse, a Fizbear, is magically teleported across the land to a dark and dangerous place knows as the Deadly Forest. There he befriends an adventurous Bramble Wolf named Pont and together they must brave the dangers of the Deadly Forest, the Mountains of Fire, and the haunted Bone Dust Desert in a desperate attempt to return home and warn those Snurse loves. Along the way they must battle Forest Dragons, Lava Goblins, and Shadow Monsters, all while learning the true history of magic and how it has shaped this world.

Now On Goodreads
"A heartwarming   story of   overcoming the   most dangerous   thing iN the world…
One’s own self-doubt!”

Notable Praise

“This (Snurse) is a wonderful script with a great voice. The characters are lovable, the world-building is superb and the concepts are great. It is absolutely overflowing engaging, beautiful ideas that all fit the family-friendly genre without ever being overly cheesy.”

-2020-2021 Save the Cat! Screenplay Challenge

“Snurse is a loveable protagonist, and Pont is the most extraordinary sidekick on film, and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to meet them.”

-Golden Script Review

“In Snurse, Drake not only creates new types of creatures for the genre but also uses metafiction to make itself stand out, especially in a comedic way. Although movies like “Shrek” do have some meta elements, “Snurse” takes it up a few notches, especially in its self-aware humor on storytelling and how the “hero’s journey” goes.”

-Slated Script Review

About Drake

Maxwell Alexander Drake, or Drake as he prefers to be called, is an award-winning Science Fiction/Fantasy Novelist, Playwright, Tie-In Writer, Graphic Novelist, and Writing Instructor. He is best known for his fantasy series, The Genesis of Oblivion Saga, as well as being the Lead Fiction Writer for Sony’s EverQuest Next Massive Online Video Game.

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